Beside providing Bed & Breakfast we also have some additional service.

Lunchbags / picknickbaskets
It is possible to order lunchbags, which you can take with you on one of your daytrips. Do you prefer a quiet day in nature, together with a romantic picknick, we also can be at your service. If wished so, we can send you off with a stuffed picknickbasket.

Dinner / snacks
Now and than we organize a bbq or tapasnight. We will anounce this on time, so that you have time to think it over and you can decide if this fits in your travelschedule. We also have always some little snacks for you available and it is also possible to use our outsidekitchen or equipment to bbq, grill or fondue.

We have a hospitality bar. This means that our guests can help themselves and wright down what they have consumed.

If necessary we can offer airportservice, although we advice you to rent a car. Take a look on We are sure that you can find the perfect car here and, most important, very attractive prices.